Kline's RV Center Service

At Kline’s RV Center we do a full range of RV repairs and maintenance on travel trailers, motor homes, pop-up or utility trailers including: roof inspecting and resealing, slide-outs, winterizing and de-winterizing, appliance repairs, hitch installation, brake controller, oil changes, brakes, repacking wheel bearing, awing installation, just to name a few. At Kline’s RV Center we are here to help you with your service needs.

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Kline’s RV Parts and Accessories Store

Our parts facility has a wide range of RV parts a accessories to fit your every camping need. We carry: Awnings, Awning Mats, Brake Controllers, Fresh Water Accessories, Sewage Accessories, Tongue Jacks, Cleaning Supplies, RV Covers, Mirror Extenders, and much more!

During freezing weather the most important thing about winterizing your RV is to drain your plumbing system of water so that your pipes don’t freeze and burst, anything that contains water needs to be emptied. RV vehicles require a non-toxic RV Anti-Freeze to be installed into all interior water lines. If you plan to use your unit during freezing conditions special precautions must be taken so that the water system is not damaged due to freeze up. We carry all of the necessary equipment if you would like to do this service yourself or our service department will be happy to perform this service for you.

  • Close LP Gas Tank Valves
  • Cover the regulator on the propane cylinder
  • Shut down the refrigerator and remove all food and anything fragrant. Clean the inside and leave the refrigerator door open to prevent mildew.
  • Double check cupboards, underneath the sink and storage areas. Remove any liquid that would freeze.
  • Disconnect battery/batteries and top off their fluids and store them in a warm and sheltered location.
  • Retract all slide outs and awnings. If you cover the RV use a RV Cover not a tarp.
  • Cover all external vents, such as the furnace outlet, to prevent mice and other critters from entering your unit. Make sure to keep the range hood closed.
  • Consider opening a covered window or roof vent a little, this will provide airflow through the unit to keep the musty odors at a minimum, or install MAX AIR vent covers.
  • Placing dryer sheets thru out the unit will help with odors and pest control.
  • It’s a good idea to cover tires to protect them from winter damage.