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       Inspect & test before using your RV

Outside: Look for all caulking to be sure it is not cracked or missing, or see your local RV Dealer

Tires: Visually inspect tires for any cracks.

Cleaning Appliances: Remove the outside access cover for the water heater and refrigerator. Inspect for any foreign debris such as spider webs and nests.

Batteries: Check  and clean corroded terminals, connections and check fluids. Many times positive and negative wires are not marked or color coded. Take time to mark each wire with masking tape and a sharpie.

LP Gas Tanks: Have a professional inspect

Water Lines: Inspect faucets and water heater, this may be done when de-winterizing, see your local RV Dealer.

Test appliances: Once the L.P. and water systems are up and running, its time to test fire appliances.

Dump Hoses: Inspect your sewage dump hose, you don’t want to have any holes or tears before using.

Water Tank Valves: Make sure the valves work properly, the seal can dry out causing them to stick.

Lights: Be sure to check all lights to make sure no bulbs are burnt out.